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“How the heck would passing two fingers across a client’s eyes relieve their disturbance from traumatic memories?”  That was the question I had prior to reading Francine Shapiro’s book, “Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Basic Principles, Protocols and Procedures.”  I then attended the Level I EMDR basic training, led by Dr. Roger Solomon, one of the first practitioners of EMDR.  I was floored!  I consulted with an EMDR consultant for the first 5 hours and, using the basic protocol workbook I received in the training, I began using EMDR.  Yes, I told clients that I was learning a new therapeutic approach, which was why I kept glancing at the workbook.  Tentatively and awkwardly I began using the 8 phase protocol.  I added it to my CBT, DBT, etc. skill set.  I began to see changes in my traumatized clients and quickly decided I wanted to have mastery, so I took the Level II EMDR basic training, which including working with structural dissociation.  The ensuing 5 hours of consultation with my consultant enhanced my skill, confidence and proficiency using EMDR.  There was no question I would keep going.  My clients have benefitted so much from EMDR and so have I.  I encourage any and all therapists to engage in this life changing therapy.